Fin Finder

FIN FINDER Healthcare An essential part of life and an integral part of the economy of any country.But from the past so many years, a decline in the respect for Healthcare providers has been seen globally. Thanks to the corrupt practices of a handful which has been shown as if every doctor is corrupt, a one sided mass media blaming doctors and the paramedical staff without taking into account their part of the story, violence against doctors and hospital staff has been on the surge.

We feel that when help is required, the one person to go to is a "FRIEND". This friend should be a person who knows you, who respects you for who you are, will stand by you and help you tide over a crisis without thinking twice. For every doctor, the friend's are the hospital staff, the nurses, the ward boys, the technicians, the pharmacists and lastly, fellow doctors.

The FIN finder, abbreviated for FRIEND IN NEED, helps anyone who is in a scary situation. Just ensure you have filled the emergency contacts for call and 21 SMS contacts. A press of the panic button will ask for switching on the GPS. Immediately a buzzer sounds off, followed by sending SMS to all the friends listed. A time gap later, a call will be sent automatically to the first person listed in the emergency contact list. Your location is shared via SMS and all your friends can be next to you in a matter of minutes so that they can support youIf a mass builds up and you need help of more people, the 21 people you have sent a message to, if they have the app, can in turn send the same crisis signal to another 21 each, making a strong crowd at your side, ensuring the crisis is tided over.

Intention is basically to help the healthcare provider, be it the doctor, the nurse or even a ward boy, not to get hit by a violent person or mob. In turn, this will build up a network of people who can help each other in times of crisis, like an accident on the road, a heart attack or any such thing.We are for unifying healthcare and FIN finder will ensure achieve that.

Let the providers of healthcare work in peace, knowing that they can, anytime, rely on a FIN, a FRIEND IN NEED.


Your Friend In Need

Dr Srikanth.S